Personal Safety London has an expert Womens Personal Safety & Security Unit, offering women's personal safety, self defence training, security advising in safe all-female environments and specialists female-focused security services. Suitable for all ages and religions.




We run Award-winning practical and intelligent PHYSICAL and THEORY training in personal safety, self defence and personal security.  

Expert Male and Female Instructor teams.


Choose from:

Private Safety Tutorials: Online & In-person

Half Day Self Defence Workshops

Have your own Personal Safety Advisor

Book Safety Question & Answer Sessions




We provide private and highly confidential Support Services for those who have had experiences they need to recover from to help build recovery, confidence and skills; and for those who are currently under threat. 


Choose from:


Private Consultations

Counselling (with our partner organisations)

Staff Support Consultations at your place of work

Your own Private Security Assessment





Our private security services for women are led by women.

Speak to one of our consulting team in confidence to see how we can help you in your day to day or for international trips. 


Choose from:


Security Overview

Close Protection (bodyguards)

International Trip Support

Cyber security


Home Support

Spoes & Specialist Kit




Our full Family Services enable your whole family to be trained together and a comprehensive security plan to be made for your Home, Work, School, Social, Travel & Tech.



Choose from:


Personal Safety Training
Half Day Self Defence Workshops

Home Security Assessments

Family Security Strategy

Security Teams



"Training was great. The instructors are true professionals"

Identity protected private clients


"Amazed at the feeling of empowerment."


"I feel safer."


"The instructors are very well informed and it shows"


"sensible strategies for avoiding danger and simple, effective defensive techniques for women to use against stronger men"


"The trainers (as always) are approachable and professional."


"I found the trainers to be very friendly and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend this course to other people."


"One single session gave me very useful tools to use in situations where I feel threatened"

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