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Award-Winning Personal Safety, Self Defence and Personal Security.  


Expert Male and Female Instructor Teams. Fully Insured and EDBS checked.

Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Talks

Self Defence Workshops

Specialist Self Defence

Street Safety

Travel Safety 

Security Advice

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Corporate Staff Personal Safety, Self Defence and Travel Safety Training.


Training at your offices. 

Online Training for remote staff.

Personal Safety Talks

Personal Safety 

Corporate Self Defence Workshops

Global Travel Safety Training

Security Advising

In person and Online Training 

Staff Support Services

Corporate Security Services







Travel Safety Training, Support and Security Services.


Staff Travel Safety Training and Individual / Family packages. 

Global Travel Safety Training 
Trip-Specific & Region Specific Training
Travel Physical Self Defence
Anti-economic Kidnap Training

Hostile Environments Training

Itinerary and Location Risk Assessments 

Travel Files & Specialist Kit

Secure Journey Management

Company-wide Strategic Security Plan







Strategic Security Planning. Project Management and Deployments.


Discreet Services for your Company or Family.


Strategic Security Plans

Security Project Management

Security Advising

Protection Deployments
Specialist Security Services
Specialist Kit




This is high level training in an intelligent environment.

The Royal College of Physicians


Great training, very instructive and helpful.

Yahoo, Paris


Brilliant instructors with a depth of knowledge & understanding.

Exxon Mobil


Most dynamic approach to Corporate Safety.



This is workplace training at its very best!



Fantastic. Really helpful and thought provoking.

Air BnB


Very useful talk. Very practical and informative.

New Zealand High Commission


Extremely useful and truly inspiring.

Connected Places Catapult

Multi Award-Winning Corporate Defence & Security

Personal Safety London is a multi-award winning Operational & Educational long-established security organisation built in 2009 to fortify the security of London's businesses and their staff. Since 2009, we have grown to provide our award-winning services globally and specialise in the following: Personal Safety and Security Training, Corporate Training, Global Travel Safety, Specialist Defence Training, International Security and Investigative solutions for companies, organisations, educational institutions, private individuals and private families.


Your Learning


Our unique Operational and Educational approach teaches and supports our client community with our skills and knowledge used in our own live global security operations. The learning and training you receive is up to the minute, addresses the latest trends and civilian security concerns, and is delivered to you through advanced pedagogies of teaching. 


Your Security 


Staffed by highly trained specialists hand-picked from the top-tier of civilian and ex-military defence and security professionals in the UK, Personal Safety London is one of the only security organisations which provides its client community with dedicated client private ops rooms, dedicated security managers and 24/7 oversight from high level personnel on all security deployments. We specialise in preventation, risk mitigation, defence-security and strategic security management, offering all clients the opportunity for free of charge discreet consultations to discuss their needs. Find out more here > 


Both our learning and security services are available to all our client community. See who we work with globally here.


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