Personal Safety Talks, Self Defence Training and Security Solutions to help staff and students get to and from learning safely, keep learning environments secure and preparation training for school and college leavers. 


Personal Safety Talks

Self Defence Training

Teacher Training


Our highly vetted, EDBS checked, fully insured Male and Female Experts come to your school or campus to deliver training, consulting, talks and engaging Q&A sessions. 


Our unique Teacher Training options enable appointed staff to become certified and supported Personal Safety Advisors and Self Defence Instructors to deliver our programmes at your school. This enables year-round support for your pupils, empowers your staff teams and reduces your annual training budget. 



Personal Safety Talks

Our award-winning practical and intelligent Personal Safety Talks are delivered at your school by leading Experts and cover everything your students / pupils need to know about increasing their personal safety awareness, street safety, public transport safety, safe device usage, safe socialising, what to do in an emergency and how to strategically plan to increase prevention. 


Our talks are carefully structured to be age appropriate highly informative learning content with interactive exercises to promote problem-solving and deeper learning. 


Expert Male and Female Speakers

EDBS Checked

Free Safety E-book


Self Defence Courses

Our Physical Self Defence Courses cater for up to a full year group, delivered by Expert Male and Female Instructor Teams highly experienced in working with children and young adults.


Delivered at your school, in your gym or on playing fields, training is scheduled to work with your school / learning timetable.


Expert Male and Female Instructor Teams

EDBS Checked

Fully Insured

Highly experienced in educating children and young adults




School & Campus Security

We partner schools and universities to provide year round security support to staff and campus security personnel to help secure your campus and buildings in a way which maintains the accessibility of your environment and reduces fear. 


We help with unwanted activity around your school / campus and provide easy to apply solutions to increase security on a daily basis. 


Contact us for a confidential consultation. 


Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training enables staff to attend our Personal Safety Training as remote dial Live Online Sessions or in person during Inset Days. 


Choose from:


Personal Safety Awareness for Staff

Staff Open Q&A with Experts

Private Advising


Teacher Training Personal Safety Advisors Certificate

Teacher Training Self Defence Instructors Certificate

(certified Teaching Qualifications to support Educating Safety at your school)


Get Home Safely Schools Campaign

Personal Safety London has launched an initiative to install long term sustainable safety solutions in schools in Britain through its push to train up more pupils and staff.


In a new initiative Personal Safety London's award winning Defence Teams are teaching their own teaching skills to School Teachers to enable more safety training for school pupils is available throughout the academic year.  


Contact us about Teacher Training options to get your school involved today. 




Further Discreet Services


With an increase in kidnap attempts around schools we provide a full support service of 




Mitigation of Risk

Discreet Perimeter Security

Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering


If you are experiencing this problem around your school you can contact us in complete discretion and we will work under NDA (non disclosure agreement) with you to help.



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