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Private Personal Safety, Self Defence Training & Security Services

All of our training works with you as an individual to maximise your safety. Ways of learning include:

  • Private Lessons
  • Consulting Sessions
  • Online Learning & Consultations 
  • Day & Half Day Private Workshops

The more people you bring to training the less we charge per £person. That's our way of encouraging you to encourage others to become skilled and informed.

* All training is arranged at a time and location which suits you.

Why Train

At the moment we are seeing a greater need for more people to attend training and be properly education in safety strategies and self defence.

Training includes increasing your awareness, learning vital information to avoid situations and intelligent ways to remove yourself from potential danger.

You will also learn what to do in the case of emergency and vital life saving skills.

For Private Group Lessons please contact us with your group numbers and location. To book call 0207 642 0872 or

Popular Topics

Here are some of our most popular lessons and courses:

  • Childrens and Family Safety
  • Travel Safety
  • Anti-Kidnap
  • Krav Maga (Israeli self defence training)
  • Urban Safety
  • Crowd Safety
  • Active Shooter and Roaming Threat Safety
  • Public Spaces
  • Safety in the Home
  • Street Safety
  • Weapons Defence

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City Of London


Award-winning practical and intelligent PHYSICAL and THEORY in personal safety, self defence and personal security.  

Expert Male and Female Instructor teams.

•Advice and Safety support
•Private Physical Safety Workshops
•Self Defence Training by experts
•Protection and security services
•Online live safety tutorials

City Of London


Multi award-winning corporate training to increase your staff and leadership safety.

Expert Male and Female teams come to your offices.

Delivered in person throughout London, UK and Europe and online internationally.


•Personal Safety Awareness Seminars
•Personal Safety Talks

•Staff Self Defence Workshops

•Staff Safety support services



Corporate global travel safety training, trip planning and trip management for all tiers of staff. 

Expert Male and Female teams come to your offices.  Delivered in person in London, UK, Europe and online internationally. 

•Travel Safety Training Seminars
•Region Specific Training
•Travel Self Defence
•Anti-economic kidnap Training

•Itinerary and Location Risk Assessments 

•Travel Files & Specialist Kit



Expert planning and comprehensive security strategies for your staff, company, travel, assets, properties, community or family, at home and abroad. Full securiity  project management including planning, training, provision of personnel, protection and kit.

•Security Management & Advising

•Secure Portfolio Project Management
•Specialist Security Training
•Specialist Security Services
•Specialist Kit

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