Current Projects

2024 Projects, Campaigns and Initiatives


Corporate Staff Safety

Personal Safety London are educating tens of thousands of Corporate Staff in Safety Behaviours and Safe Protocols for every day life and work travel through their in-person Talks at company offices around Europe and their International LIVE Online Safety Seminars for international offices. 


Join the thousands who are already receiving this training. 


Cyber Investigations

Personal Safety London has just completed two prosecutable-evidence cyber investigations, one for a private family and one for an educational institution. 


Benefit from our Cyber Education Suite, learning LIVE from cyber experts. 




Security Strategies

Personal Safety London deliver out to companies their Security Strategies 

in a push to secure more UK businesses and enable safer workforces. 


To benefit from this highly discrete no-tie-in-to-services Professional Overview contact us below to arrange a consultation. Our unique "no-services" approach means companies receive objective no-strings independant advice, planning, strategic planning and help to build more highly tuned sustainable solutions for your company using your current providers where possible. 


Community Safety

Personal Safety London supports anti-hate crime and Community Safety in the North East with sponsored Security Advising, Training and Protective Kit for volunteer civilians serving as Community Security Personnel.


The project is part of a wider network of Community Safety forces working cohesively across the country.


More news on this soon...


Get Home Safely Schools Campaign

Personal Safety London has launched an initiative to install long term sustainable safety solutions in schools in Britain through its push to train up more pupils and staff.


In a new initiative Personal Safety London's award winning Defence Teams are teaching their own teaching skills to School Teachers to enable more safety training for school pupils is available throughout the academic year.  


Check out the schools page for the work the teams are doing in equipping teachers with safety, defence, security skills and educating tools. and get your school involved today. 




Teaching Private Security Management to Family Offices

Personal Safety London is teaching out their knowledge of Private Security Portfolio Project Managemnent to Family Offices to help estates, trusts, foundations and private families have a better understanding of what they should be expecting, and building, as a Private Security Strategic Plan. 


Once again the team are teaching this knowledge out without client commitment to ongoing services to enable clients the complete freedom to use existing providers whilst receiving a greater level of knowledge and control. 


Full support servivces are available on request.


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