We provide Specialist Security Services to companies, educational institutions, families and private individuals internationally. We specialise in highly detailed and expertly managed deployments, buliding our clients workable security strategies and the project management of security portfolios including comprehensive analysis, prevention training and mitigation measures to secure your lifestyle, work and travel at all levels. 


Security Overview and Advice

Incident Support

Security Training    (UK and International)

Protection Services    (UK and International)

Investigation Services

Security Project Management   (UK and International)

International Security Operations

Family Security   (UK and International)


We provide you with your own Security Manager, and additionally available are private ops rooms, fully managed deployments and our full spectrum of comprehensive Home, Life, Work, Travel & Tech Safety and Security Solutions.


Contact us for a highly confidential private consultation. 



Corporate Security

We provide a discreet range of Corporate Security Services and focus on specialist areas of expertise. 

We offer our services both as full provision, or to augment the services of your existing providers.


To benefit, contact us for a highly confidential private consultation. 


Services we help with are:


Physical Security

Travel Security

Protection Operations

Building and Asset Security

Live-cases and Investigations


Corporate Security Advising

Our Corporate Security Advising is impartial with no comittment to services required. We teach your Security Leaders our practices, procedures and protocols and help you to masterplan and fine-tune the security of your company and staff. 


Book one of our Advising Services:


Strategic Security Masterplanning

Business Resilience 

Global Security Strategy

Travel Management and K&R

Key Staff Training




Cyber Security

Benefit from our Cyber Security Advising and Cyber Security Learning Suite which offers individuals, families, educational institutions, companies and their staff objective, impartial oversight, advising and teaching to improve your online and digital security. 


Book intensive Half Day or Full Day Learning and Online Consulting in:


Cyber Security: Daily Habits

Best Practices

Threat Detection & Mitigation

Bespoke Advising 


Full penetration testing available following consultation.



Close Protection

We provide Close Protection, corporately and privately, as a part of a highly detailed and professionally managed service of Protective Security.


Stepping away from the traditional methods of hiring a bodyguard we provide our clients with a fully comprehensive expertly led service similar to that which we deploy on our own security operations. 


Highly detailed rigorous approach to your safety

Hand-picked senior highly experienced operatives

24.7 monitoring by leading experts

Award winning training

Kit supply, tech engineers and specialists


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Private & Family Security

Personal Safety London is highly experienced in Private & Family Security having long-term project-managed significant international security portfolios and provided protection and prevention-protocols for high level figures under targeted threat. 


The best solution for Private & Family Security is one holistic one which encompasses all aspects of the Individual or Family's life in a single strategic comprehensive solution. 


Contact us to arrange a highly confidential private consultation to discuss how we can help you.


(Suitable for prevention as well as live-cases and investigations.)




Teaching Private Security Management to Family Offices

Personal Safety London is teaching out their knowledge of Private Security Portfolio Project Managemnent to Family Offices to help estates, trusts, foundations and private families have a better understanding of what they should be expecting, and building, as a Private Security Strategic Plan. 


Once again the team are teaching this knowledge out without client commitment to ongoing services to enable clients the complete freedom to use existing providers whilst receiving a greater level of knowledge and control. 


Full support servivces are available on request.


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