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What's On for Schools this Year at Personal Safety London

We've been working with the UK's schools for 10 years in upskilling pupils in Personal Safety, Self Defence and Travel Safety.
Through our Safety Talks and Self Defence Workshops we've taught children from 5 to 18.....

We've been working with the UK's schools for 10 years in upskilling pupils in Personal Safety, Self Defence and Travel Safety.

Through our Safety Talks and Self Defence Workshops we've taught children from 5 to 18 to become smarter, wiser and more strategic about their safety. If you think your school could benefit from this learning get in touch with us now for learning during our 2019 calendar. If you're already with us scroll further down this post to see what's new for your school's learning and development with us during this coming year.

Personal Safety Talks

Our Personal Safety Talks are delivered by experts who are out working in the fields of international civilian self defence and security throughout the year and bring their expertise and engagement to young people so your school can learn what really counts right now. We work with BBC, Sky News, LBC and others to bring the public safety tips and advice when it is needed most and that same expertise is brought into your assemblies and classrooms in interactive discursive and engaging seminars and talks which empower your pupils with tools they will remember building their skills for life.

Self Defence Workshops

Our Self Defence Workshops are taught by some of the most highly trained and educated male and female self defence instructors in the world. Our Instructors spend their year flying around the world teaching some of the top global organisations and working on live security jobs so when they come to teach your pupils they bring their wide scope of current knowledge and up to date relevant experience for your school to benefit from. Self Defence Workshops are 2 Hour Workshops, of defence pschyology theory woven throughout practical physical learning of real-life self defence solutions, with question and answer on all topics of safety. Our Instructor team is fully insured, enhanced DBS, PSL vetted and highly experienced with teaching children.

See our Schools page for more info

Teacher Training

This Year we're introducing our Teacher Training to all schools. We know how skilled your learning and development and PE staff are and what sense it makes to upskill them with some of our knowledge so they can help to better empower your students on a day to day basis.

For Schools who want their staff trained we offer Instructor Training, Safety Consulting training and insert day staff group consulting. We'll of course be on hand throughout the year to support you, but we know this way the pupils have someone on site at your school within your staff teams who champions your School Safety.

Get in touch to discuss how we can support you

What's New for This Year

As well as our usual training, learning and support packages this year we're bringing to Schools in the UK and internationally:

Safety Expos

These are school-based event pop-ups for half day or full day (or evening if you want to use a PTA night) in which we bring to you everything to do with safety, resilience, awareness, self defence, travel safety, and personal security. Bite sized and easy to remember learning on all subjects, take-away tools and opportunities to ask the experts.

Multi Skills Days

Pupils train for a full day throughout a series of current and relevant safety and security modules, picking up vital life skills to complete their assigned project mission, with a group event to complete the day culminating in all their learning brought together. Taught by a skills-rich time of self defence instructors, global personal safety consultants and security experts including members from our bodyguard units, pupils learn a wide range of life-skills in a fun, engaging and highly informative educational environment.


From our work with our partner schools over the last decade we know sometimes pupils and staff need some extra support in matters of safety, bullying and security, so we're now opening up our consulting to all schools. We offer advice from a simple phone call, to coaching sessions, sets of consultations with experts, private school and building security assessments and one to one advising. We're here to help your staff and pupils enjoy a seamless approach to your school safety and security. Contact us for professional advice. All consulting highly confidential.

Get in touch to discuss how we can support you now



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Most Client Focused Training Company Award 2023

Corporate Training Services of The Year Award 2023

Best Strategic Training Solutions Award 2022

Corporate Training Company of The Year Award 2020

Best Corporate Training Company Award 2019




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