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Online Staff Learning

Staff Learning & Engagement During COVID-19

Drive learning, engagement and staff community with our online live seminars with our experts. 

Whilst staff are working from home we need to be providing for them as much as they are continuing to provide for us as a workforce....

Whilst staff are working from home we need to be providing for them as much as they are continuing to provide for us as a workforce. How can we do that? During this time of isolating and lockdown some key online staff engagements which provide connectivity, 

healthful advice on daily habits and behaviours, wellbeing advice, continued learning, a variety of engaging and interesting topics and a staff-community Interactive or discursive forum all help your company's staff feel supported, connected, and enable them to continue to benefit from your existing company training programmes whilst learning in a way that is relevant to their current day to day experiences.

To enable this we've built a new series of interactive learning and supportive forums which are now open to book into on a weekly basis, just simply book a slot for your company, send an invite out to your teams and we will do the rest:


Those of you who have trained with us have a strong engagement with our Instructor and Consultant teams so the Instructors you already know are online during this period to chat to your staff, host learning sessions in real time and offer support through chairing informative intelligent discussions and leading Question & Answer sessions.
We're finding it's really important right now to enable 1) a discursive environment to enable staff to air their fears and ask questions about the current situation and build a community forum for staff teams which builds and sustains intracompany relationships at this time, 2) enable discussion on a variety of other topics to drive thinking towards interesting subjects in an academic manner to broaden thinking and brighten outlook.

Topics covered in the forums we've held so far this month include continuing on with our existing client corporate training programmes in staff security and travel safety training as well as day to day advice on COVID-19, individual and family wellbeing, working from home and maintaining positivity during this time.

The feedback from this format has been hugely positive and in response we are now offering this out as weekly interactive forums to our wider client base and any new companies who want to come on board with our staff support initiative. Connectivity is key at this time, as well as continuing learning and engagement on a variety of different topics whilst reinforcing the daily habits we all need to put into place for our safety, health and wellbeing.

For arranging support for your staff book online forum slots by contacting us by email.




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Most Client Focused Training Company Award 2023

Corporate Training Services of The Year Award 2023

Best Strategic Training Solutions Award 2022

Corporate Training Company of The Year Award 2020

Best Corporate Training Company Award 2019




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