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City Of London


Award-winning practical and intelligent PHYSICAL and THEORY in personal safety, self defence and personal security.  

Expert Male and Female Instructor teams.

•Advice and Safety support
•Private Physical Safety Workshops
•Self Defence Training by experts
•Protection and security services
•Online live safety tutorials

City Of London


Multi award-winning corporate training to increase your staff and leadership safety.

Expert Male and Female teams come to your offices.

Delivered in person throughout London, UK and Europe and online internationally.


•Personal Safety Awareness Seminars
•Personal Safety Talks

•Staff Self Defence Workshops

•Staff Safety support services



Corporate global travel safety training, trip planning and trip management for all tiers of staff. 

Expert Male and Female teams come to your offices.  Delivered in person in London, UK, Europe and online internationally. 

•Travel Safety Training Seminars
•Region Specific Training
•Travel Self Defence
•Anti-economic kidnap Training

•Itinerary and Location Risk Assessments 

•Travel Files & Specialist Kit



Expert planning and comprehensive security strategies for your staff, company, travel, assets, properties, community or family, at home and abroad. Full securiity  project management including planning, training, provision of personnel, protection and kit.

•Security Management & Advising

•Secure Portfolio Project Management
•Specialist Security Training
•Specialist Security Services
•Specialist Kit


This is high level training in an intelligent environment.


The Royal College of Physicians


Great training, very instructive and helpful.


Yahoo, Paris


Brilliant instructors with a depth of knowledge & understanding.


Exxon Mobil


The most dynamic approach to corporate safety.


Personal Safety London, part of Personal Safety Global, is a multi-award winning organisation of UK-based experts providing Personal Safety and Security Training, Corporate Training, Global Travel Safety and International Security and Investigative solutions for companies, organisations, educational institutions and private families worldwide.

Our teams of highly trained and experienced male and female instructors, consultants, advisors and operatives provide our fully comprehensive Home, Life, Work, Travel & Tech solutions, which address all of your modern safety and security needs in one place.


Personal Safety London is Operational and Educational, teaching you the skills and knowledge we use on our own live global security operations. Our content is live and up to the minute, addressing all the latest trends and civilan security concerns affecting our clients in our global regions. Our unique Multi Award-winning approach openly SHARES our hard-won / fought-for skills, capabilties and insights with all our UK and International clients, to keep YOU SAFE.  


Experience informative learning sessions with experts, empowering physical training workshops, fascinating talks, up to the minute advising on key national and global issues and Security Managers which walk you through every step. We openly impart to you the information, protocols and skills we use on our own security operations worldwide and share the work we do in advising the media.


Providing multi-award winning and groundbreaking solutions since 2009, Personal Safety London are the UK Leaders in Corporate Defence & Security.  


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