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Women's Personal Safety & Women's Self Defence

Personal Safety London has an expert Womens Personal Safety & Security Unit, offering women's personal safety, self defence training and security advising in safe all-female environments. 

Suitable for all religions and all ages.

Head of Womens Training

Personal Safety London is led by one of the top Female Defence and Security Experts in the World. 

At Personal Safety London she has led 14 years of operations from domestic security to anti-kidnap, remote team deployment and corporate business stability. She provides corporate defence, travel safety and anti-terrorism civilian education, advising and security project management to the top organisations in the world.


As Head of Personal Safety London, she leads defence teams, security advisors, analysts, cyber security and close protection teams in international corporate and private deployments. As well as leading operations she is Head of PSL Training and Recruitment; with over 25 years of advanced physical and mental training she holds 4 Black Belts, 2 of which she was trained and examined for in Japan, is a former top World Ranked martial artist, a former GB Squad competitive fighter (in bare knuckle knockdown fighting), a GB Squad Coach, an Instructor in Israeli Krav Maga (Israeli Military Self Defence), a KEWAP Instructor (Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme), a Weapons Disarment specialist, a senior UKMAA Instructor, Specialist Self Defence Instructor and a sought after Private Security Advisor.


She is also the Founder of the multi award-winning FRT Training and Research Institute which focuses on human behaviours and upskilling human capabilities and Founder and President of FRTFA, an international Fight Organisation through which she has trained fighters to National and World Champion wins. She is a TED Speaker, a Fellow of The Association For Coaching, is University Degree educated, holds mutiple qualifications in human wellbeing and development, speaks and consults to key correspondents and organisations worldwide, and is regularly consulted by the UK media for her advice and commentary.


She is available to speak at your organisation and leads training and advising, provided for women by women, in discrete learning and consulting environments. 


  • Private Group Training 
  • Private Group Talks, Workshops and Intensive Training Retreats (privately booked to order)
  • Live Online Tutorials, Private Advising & Consulting
  • Discrete Security Services designed for Women
  • Family Security Support
  • Travel Safety Training


How to Book

  • Individuals  =  Private Training or Online / Phone Advising 
  • Groups =  Group Workshops, Talks or Weekend Retreats to order.
  • Families =  Family Consulting, Training & Security Services
  • Corporate = Talks, Seminars, Workshops and Retreats


Email to request a private telephone consultation to discuss how we can help.


Families Personal Safety, Self Defence & Security

We provide a unique "Home, Life, Work, Travel & Tech" wraparound care for families in which we train all family members, all domestic staff, asses your homes in UK and abroad, systems, cyber security, travel and daily routines to maximise your family safety.


Supported by expert Instructors, high level close protection teams, cyber and kit specialists, and your very own appointed Family Security Manager you can benefit from a completely comprehensive approach to your Family Security.


Contact us to arrange a highly confidential Family Consultation:  Tel 0207 462 0872 or email

  • Personal Safety Advising and Training
  • Self Defence Training
  • Security Principles & Protocols Training
  • Home Security Assessments & Surveys
  • Home Security Strageties
  • Family Emergency Training
  • Family Medical Emergency Training
  • Travel Safety for all the Family
  • Cyber Security at Home Training
  • Enhanced EDBS Security Teams providing Close Protection, Secure Drivers, Secure Travel Companions, Secure Social Entourage and Secure Family Chaperones
  • Security Concierge and Security Management Services
  • Specialist Kit provision 
  • Family Advisor appointed to look after all your Family's modern Safety & Security needs. 



As one of our Private Clients we keep your identity protected.

You can read here what our Corporate Clients say about our security and safety services


City Of London


Award-winning practical and intelligent PHYSICAL and THEORY in personal safety, self defence and personal security.  

Expert Male and Female Instructor teams.

•Advice and Safety support
•Private Physical Safety Workshops
•Self Defence Training by experts
•Protection and security services
•Online live safety tutorials

City Of London


Multi award-winning corporate training to increase your staff and leadership safety.

Expert Male and Female teams come to your offices.

Delivered in person throughout London, UK and Europe and online internationally.


•Personal Safety Awareness Seminars
•Personal Safety Talks

•Staff Self Defence Workshops

•Staff Safety support services



Corporate global travel safety training, trip planning and trip management for all tiers of staff. 

Expert Male and Female teams come to your offices.  Delivered in person in London, UK, Europe and online internationally. 

•Travel Safety Training Seminars
•Region Specific Training
•Travel Self Defence
•Anti-economic kidnap Training

•Itinerary and Location Risk Assessments 

•Travel Files & Specialist Kit



Expert planning and comprehensive security strategies for your staff, company, travel, assets, properties, community or family, at home and abroad. Full securiity  project management including planning, training, provision of personnel, protection and kit.

•Security Management & Advising

•Secure Portfolio Project Management
•Specialist Security Training
•Specialist Security Services
•Specialist Kit

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