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Travel Safety & Security

Train before you travel with our highly recommended travel safety programmes.

Learn vital safety information for your countries of travel.

Train in effective self defence for whilst travelling or working abroad.

Travel Safety

For those travelling or working abroad. Personalised safety advise and self defence training designed for your intinerary. For individuals, families and staff of companies:

  • Know the risks
  • Apply our safe travel protocols to keep you safe
  • Train in vital practical and easy to learn self defence skills relevant to how and where you are travelling 
  • Train in regional specifics: cultural, religious and environmental training

Specialist Travel Safety

Specialist Training for those travelling alone or under risk or to hostile environments

  • Intensive Courses in Self Defence & Travel Safety Information
  • Training for you and your staff
  • Specialist Advanced Training for your security teams
  • Security Briefing your routes and countries of travel / destination
  • Anti-kidnap Training

Half Day & Full Day Intensive Training. Prices on enquiry.

Lone Traveller Safety

For schools and families or adults taking sabaticals.

  • Plan your trip safely from the start with our travel safety advise & checks
  • Train in Intensive Self Defence Training relevant to where you are going
  • Destination & Trip Specific information for keeping safe
  • Travel files and protocols for communication, assistance & trip-tracking
  • Whilst You Are Away monitoring service - on request

Personal Safety London Monitoring Services offer unique ways of keeping track of your loved ones or staff abroad. Speak to us about how we can set this system up for your company or family.

Prices are available on consultation. Contact us for further information.



Our Specialist Unit equips companies and individuals who are at risk of kidnap, or entering high threat scenarios or hostile territories. Preparation training is thorough and followed by immersion training to fully drill response mechanisms in order to keep you both physically capable and mentally astute.

Training is supported by state-of-the-art equipment and consulting with our partner Spymaster, the UK’s leading supplier of surveillance, counter surveillance, covert cameras and tracking device

For more information

For further information on Specialist Training call to speak to one of our team. For email enquiries click on the address below or message us via our contact page.

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