Women's Personal Safety & Women's Self Defence

We have an expert Women Training Women Self Defence Unit, offering women's Self Defence training in safe all-female environments. Suitable for all religions and all ages.

Suitable for all religions
Women Training Women

Personal Safety London is run by one of the top female combat and defence instructors in the world. She is an expert in recovery, provides bespoke all-female training environments and runs a hand-picked team of experts:

  • Private Training for Individuals and Groups
  • At our studios, your workplace or location of your choice.
  • Long weekends away: UK and Abroad

How to Book

  • Private Group Workshops for Groups (6 to 24 people)
  • Day Retreats (6 to 24 people)
  • Private Lessons (1 to 2 people)

Workshop Prices start at £45 per person for 2 Hours.

Private Lessons start at £120 / £60 each for 2 sharing.

Private Courses (book with a friend or group)

  • Level 01 - Level 04 Women's Self Defence Courses
  • Subject based Modules and Bespoke Programmes
  • Travel Safety for Women
  • Women's Domestic Self Defence Training
  • Women's Street Self Defence and Weapons Awareness

Dealing with the most common issues women face in personal safety today:

  • Travel Safely
  • Street Safety
  • Getting home safely
  • Spotting the early warning signs of Domestic Violence
  • Avoiding & Defending attack
  • Bullying in the Workplace or at Home
  • Violence in the Home
  • Sexual Attack & Recovery
  • Keeping Self Confidence & Balance in times of need
  • Stop Stalking
  • Finding Your Voice

Training also available for Specialist Women's Groups

Female Security | Journalists | Executives | Forces

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Contact Telephone: 0203 642 0872

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Training as a family is one of the most vital activities a family unit can engage in. When you consider a family activity or day out, consider a Family Training Day and equip your home-team with the skills they need.

Family Self Defence training instils a level of confidence, knowledge and vital skills into the household, which can reduce risk, minimize children’s fear and parental worry, and increase positive communications and solutions within the family unit.

Our highly trained Instructor Team work with families all around the world to empower them to work effectively together in securing their home and keeping each other safe whether they are at home or abroad.

Family Training Days and Family Training Holidays are fun, informative, useful, empowering and highly equip each family member with effective practical physical and mental defensive skills, greater confidence, greater awareness and safe protocols to follow in the event of threat, risk or emergency.


For those who have experienced attack we offer empowering and efficient recovery programmes to get you back on track fast. These are thorough holistic and highly effective training programmes utilised for recovery from rape, domestic violence, trauma, stress and armed forces service. PSL’s Women’s Defence Unit has been recovering clients from serious attack for over 10 years and offers one to one programming by appointment.

• Post Attack Recovery
• PTSD Recovery
• Self Confidence & Self Defence
• Personalised Rehabilitation

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Specialist Self Defence & Personal Safety Training Skills to help defend yourself in any situation- increase your awareness - build self confidence - avoid attack- spot the warning signs - think smart & safe - know what to do- learn vital skills - know how to react - know yourself - strengthen your body - get fitter -break free- increase reaction time- learn weapons awareness - know what to do - keep your children safe - protect your family- know how to - defend yourself - learn vital information - keep safe!

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