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We provide training for students and staff of schools, universities and colleges in UK and abroad.

Personal Safety and Self Defence training is becoming vital for school pupils and university students alike. We provide realistic, practical and responsible training which equips young people with the awareness they need, the skills that can help them and the confidence they require.

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Training is practical, realistic but also very safe. We believe in empowering physical and practical interactive learning which promotes problem solving and engages role-playing to gain the best results in our own students so that's what we do for yours.

For those schools or organisations who prefer learning via talks and seminars, we provide succinct and highly recommended 1 hour learning seminars to teach your students vital information and awareness.

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Safety Talks

One hour interactive Safety Talks for during the school day or After School to pupils and parents.

Self Defence Lessons and Workshops

Engaging Self Defence Workshops and Courses for all ages.

Our Instructor Teams will come to your school to train pupils in how to avoid and disengage from risk scenarios.

International Schools

Our Instructor Teams visit international schools to raise personal safety awareness and teach pupils vital information for travelling safely abroad and keeping safe.

Holiday Camps

Our Instructor Teams run daily training for children through the school holidays. Arrange a camp for your school.


For those who have experienced attack we offer empowering and efficient recovery programmes to get you back on track fast. These are thorough, holistic and highly effective training programmes utilised for recovery from bullying, attack, trauma or stress.

• Post Attack Recovery
• PTSD Recovery
• Self Confidence & Self Defence
• Personalised Rehabilitation

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