Family Self Defence & Personal Safety

Training as a Family is vitally important so that all family members understand how to avoid risk and what to do in an emergency.

* This training is suitable for all ages and religions.

Family Training covers:

  • Children's SAFE routes to school
  • Safety at home
  • Travel safety and abroad
  • Family communications
  • Self Defence Training
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Stranger danger and anti-bullying

Training is held in your home or at a nearby venue to suit.

If your child's school is not providing ample safety and personal security education then it is important this learning is given in the home.

We recommend you take a Sunday afternoon once every couple of months to train together as a family so that all family members can function effectively as a unit.

Family Holiday Training

Getting time together as a family can be challenging so if you experience this we recommend you try training on holiday. Our instructors come to your UK or international location, stay nearby (within driving distance) and visit each day to provide a mix of lesson types which are fun, empowering and build vital life skills.

Contact us to discuss this option and your preferred location confidentially.

Prices start at £120 per hour | Full Days start at £750

Family Workshop £240 | Family Full Weekends start at £1500

International Training on consultation

* as with all our training, the more people you bring to training the lower we make the cost per person. That's our way of encouraging you to encourage others to get skilled and trained.

Contact Telephone: 0203 642 0872

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