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Families Personal Safety, Self Defence & Security

We provide a unique "Home, Life, Work, Travel & Tech" wraparound care for families in which we train all family members, all domestic staff, asses your homes in UK and abroad, systems, cyber security, travel and daily routines to maximise your family safety.

Supported by expert Instructors, high level close protection teams, cyber and kit specialists, and your very own appointed Family Security Manager you can benefit from a completely comprehensive approach to your Family Security.



Choose from individual subjects or benefit from a Bespoke Fully Comprehensive Package. 

Training is in the comfort of your home or in a private studio near you. Contact us on: Tel 0207 462 0872 or email

  • Personal Safety advising 
  • Self Defence Training
  • Security Principles & Protocols Training
  • Home Security Assessments
  • Family Emergency Training
  • Family Medical Emergency Training
  • Travel Safety for all the Family
  • Cyber Security Assessment & Learning
  • Enhanced DBS Security Teams providing Close Protection, Secure Drivers, Secure Travel Companions, Secure Social Entourage and Secure Family Chaperones
  • Security Concierge and Project Management Services
  • Specialist Kit provision 
  • Family Advisor appointed to look after all your Family modern Safety & Security needs. 


As one of our Private Clients we keep your identity protected. You can read here what our Corporate Clients say about our security and safety services  >

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How to Book

Discuss with one of our top Family Security Managers how we can help. Call 0207 462 0872 or email

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