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Corporate Self Defence & Staff Safety

Staff safety is an increasingly important issue and it is vital employees and business owners alike know how to travel to and from work safely, maintain confidential and personal information and know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Our training is unique and as such we work with the top organisations in the world to empower workforces with intelligent training.

  • Staff self defence training
  • Travel safety training
  • Strategic advising & specialist teams
  • Corporate Safety Events

* This training is suitable for all ages and religions

* Training is carried out at your place of work or a suitable nearby venue

Current Issues

Where we see the biggest issues in organisations is where people are not maintaining their privacy of information or are too readily willing to rely on others to help them. Often staff and business owners alike have an unrealistic expectation of their security teams, this is where training at an individual level is critical.

Each employee must know how to travel to and work safely, know what to do in the event of an emergency and know how to be vigilant with their own personal identification and information.

"Brilliant Instructors, with a depth of knowledge and understanding"
Exxon Mobil

Corporate Self Defence

Self Defence is taught via intensive workshops with easy to apply principles taught hand in hand with vital up to the minute safety information and personal security strategies.

Our teams come to your place of work, all kit and training material provided in cost, teams fully DBS / CRB enhanced checked and insured.

"The most dynamic approach to Corporate Safety Training " BP

Personal Safety Talks & Workshops

Contact us to discuss times and dates which suit you for:

  1. Talks | no limit on numbers
  2. Interactive Lunchtime Seminars  | up to 120 people
  3. 2 Hour Self Defence Workshops | up to 40 people per workshop
  4. Consulting and advising 
  5. Bespoke Packages

"Great training, very instructive and helpful. " Yahoo Paris

Corporate Safety Event

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